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How much storage for a gaming PC?

Gaming has gone to another level these days. It is so popular that new games keep releasing every year and they are better every year. The graphics have started to look so real and the stories of the games are longer. Gaming is an activity that will provide you with a very fun and amazing experience.

How much storage do games consume these days ?

The games we play are getting better and improving with graphics, gameplay mechanics, and story so they are also getting bigger in size. This is because the older games that older generations played didn’t have good graphics, there was not much in the games and the games were pretty short and straight forward, but today the case is different.

The game producers have evolved and are making realistic looking, long stories, full of fun games that have controls that almost use every single key of your keyboard, while older games like Super Mario only used the arrows to move and space to jump.

Due to this much evolution in the game producing industry, the games these days require a lot of storage. Modern AAA games take like 20GB to 50GB to even 100GB of your storage. Some of the most popular games right now like Fortnite take at least 25GB of your storage. Another popular game Grand Theft Auto V takes 60GB of your storage. Rainbow six siege is also a very popular game these days and it takes at least 90GB of your storage. The newly released game Red Dead Redemption 2 takes 105GB of your storage.

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How much storage do I need for my gaming pc ?

As you know now that games these days require a lot of storage space and you need a good amount of storage in your pc to install and store these games. People always make mistakes by buying small storages to keep their games in and then be upset about it when they have no storage left after installing 2 or 3 games.

Now I will tell you what is the amount of storage you need to keep your games these days. First of all, you need two different storages. You need a solid-state drive (SSD) and a hard drive. An SSD is useful because you should not install windows on the di=rive you are installing your games in. The SSD is a lot faster so if you install windows in it, your PC will boot up a lot quicker and you need an SSD of at least 120GB to install windows on it. The SSD I recommend is the Patriot Burst 120GB 2.5 SATA III SSD.

Now to install your games in your gaming PC you need a hard drive. Now you can get an SSD for games too but it is not necessary as games can start at the same speed on both the drives and a Hard drive is cheaper than an SSD.

The hard drive you should buy should be a 2TB hard drive. 2TB is equal to 2000GB this will give you a lot of storage for your games and you can install a lot of games on it. The Hard Drive I recommend is the Seagate 2TB 3.5” Barracuda SATA hard drive.