Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working

Quick Solutions if Your Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working Properly?

When the microphone on your HyperX cloud stop working it not only cause frustration as your headset is compromised but it also break the line of connection. In this article you can thoroughly enjoy a number of quick fixes and solutions to fix your headset and avoid the error of mic not working.

HyperX is famous for its long term durability and quality. It is the ultimate choice of the gamers as its sound quality is crystal clear. Follow the below steps and enjoy your non-stop gaming experience from this article.

Problems related to HyperX cloud fight mic not working

There are multifarious issues related to ‘HyperX mic not working’. It can be an outdated driver, a misconfigured microphone on your device settings or damaged jack or USB switcher. Follow the following mentioned steps to avoid this problem. Check if:

HperX cloud stinger mic not working properly: In this situation your mic is not working due to hyperx cloud stinger model. In this case the input or the voice of the user cannot be detected.

HyperX cloud alpha mic not working properly: In this situation you your mic is facing issues due to the HyperX cloud alpha model. In this case the voice of the user is unable to reach out via mic.

HyperX mic not working PS4: This is the same situation where your Hyperx mic has become defective.

HyperX cloud mix/ flight mic not working properly: This is another same problem that user often face when they are unable to listen through the mic.

HyperX mic not working for Xbox one: Xbox is famed for the collection of its games. So the user of Xbox always choose HyperX for perfect experience of gaming.Solving all these errors are really easy if you follow all the strategies given at Tech meozia

Check from the basic troubleshooting

There are multiple basic level steps available before stepping up to advanced level of troubleshooting. Don’t worry as the headset mic not working is a flexible issue to be resolved. Follow our mentioned methods to get a grip.

Check your external connection properly

There arises certain situation when your HyperX headset is not connected properly. Always be hundred percent sure that it is not only connected but check if the microphone work properly, is not broken or compromised. Also further check if the mic is not muted to avoid further grievances.

Hyperx Cloud Flight Mic Not Working

Solutions to quickly fix ‘’HyperX mic not working properly’’ difficulty

After going through above mentioned steps of checking your headset if the issue still prevails, then you need to opt advanced level method of troubleshooting. Our below mentioned step by step guide will surely help you in overcoming the difficulty.

Fix#1: Troubleshoot your HyperX Headset Microphone

The inbuilt troubleshooter of your windows had numerous advantages. It not only detects but fixes all the minor errors and bugs. To run your microphone troubleshooter, you will

  • Look at the speaker icon on your taskbar on your bottom right side. Now tap right on it and select the option of ‘open sound settings’.
  • A window of sounds will pop up. Now checkout the option of input from the right pane. Now select your input device that is HyperX audio device.
  • Now click on the troubleshoot option which will be available below. This will help you in detecting and understanding the issue. Follow all the instructions mentioned over screen and wait until all the instructions are completed.If you are using hyperx headset to enjoy movies/videos on netflix and facing netflix error 131 there then it is not a big issue.After following just some steps that error is easy to solve.

After following all the above mentioned steps check if your headset is fixed or still appears the option of mic not working. If the problem still persists, don’t worry, follow the next fixing solution.

Fix#2: Check for the Microphone headset access approval

There happens at times, when in windows 10 the microphone access is not allowed. In this case you will be incapable to check for any input voice through your mic. To give access to your microphone, follow these steps:

  1. Check the settings by clicking on the keys of windows with alphabet I. now select the option of privacy from there.
  2. Click on microphone and see the option of ‘allow access to microphone on this device’ and then click on ‘change’ then see if the option is now turned on.
  3. Now choose the option of ‘allow apps to access your microphone’ and be sure that the option of switched is turned to on.

Fix#3: Check for the driver reinstallation of your headset

There arises certain situations where a file gets corrupted hence the HyperX headset driver origins problem. In your windows 10, you can reinstall it easily and fix the issue of mic not working. The drivers run the entire hardware system that is why we recommend you to follow below mentioned method.

  1. Click the run box and tap on the key on windows logo with ‘R’. Type ‘devmgmt’ and click on ok option. A window of device manager will appear.
  2. Now check ‘sound, video and game controller and click on the option of expand.
  3. The process of uninstallation will start and wait until it gets finished.
  4. Restart your computer system now and connect again your headset. Your driver’s headsets will be uninstalled automatically.

Fix#4: Check for the settings of microphone device setting in your system

The issue shall get fixed when you set your HyperX headset on default. If it doesn’t then follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Open the box run on your windows key with ‘R’. Then write down control and press on ok.
  2. This step will appear the control panel in front of you. Now select the option of large icons an option available on top right side.
  3. Select the option of sound, a box will appear, now switch to the option of recording.
  4. Right click on anywhere in the empty space, a pop up box will appear and select the option of ‘show disabled devices’.
  5. Tap on the option of enable.
  6. Right click on the option and choose set as default.
  7. Now right tap and choose the option of properties. Choose the option from levels tab and slog the volume to higher.
  8. Press ok and exit.

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